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  1. Switches


    Vandal Proof IP Rated Switches
    IP65 / IP67
  2. Indicators

    Panel Mount LED Indicators

What are the Panel Cut Out Sizes?
Most popular size for automotive applications are 12mm, 16mm, 19mm & 22mm, but we also offer 8mm, 10mm, 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, 40mm

What finishes can we offer the switches in
Metal (Brushed Steel / Anodised Aluminium (Natural/Black/Red/Green/Blue)
Plastic (Black / Silver)

LED options?
Ring, dot, full face or custom decal/legend illumination

Single colour LED (Red/Green/Blue/Orange[Amber]/White/Yellow)
Bi-colour LED (Red-Green/Red-Blue)
Full colour RGB (Red-Green-Blue)

What is the Voltages do the LED's work at?
5V LED - works from 3V to 6V DC
12V LED - works from 3V to 12V DC
24V LED - works from 12V to 24V DC
For full brightness it is suggested to use the full voltage, however they will work at lower voltages and be less bright

What functions do you offer?
Momentary (Press Switch, contact closes, release switch contact opens)
Latching (Press Switch, contact closes, Press switch again contact opens)

What Switch circuit options are there?
1NO (1 Normally open contact, SPST - single pole, single throw)
1NO1NC (1 set of Normally open & Normally closed contacts, SPDT - single pole, double throw)
2NO2NC (2 sets of Normally open & Normally closed contacts, DPDT - double pole, double throw)

What is the Maximum switch rating
Inrush current up to 5A depending on series (10A available on special order with the "high current" range)
Full-load current up to 2-3A depending on series
Where possible if switching more than a few amps I would suggest to use the switches with a relay this would open up the options to the customer,